Animated logos, motion graphics and video production

Animation and video are becoming the norm to promote your business/products on your website and on social media. Klam Design creates engaging and fun motion graphics to get your business noticed. We can offer digital motion graphics that can be added to your existing video footage or we can produce original video from your brief by filming on location. We also produce animated logos that can be used on your website, social media posts.

Poole Harbour Boat Show video

Poole Harbour Boat Show is a successful annual event held on Poole Quay, this promotional video was created to give an flavour of what happens throughout the 3 day event.


Elepig Cryptocurrency promotional video

Elepig Cryptocurrency required a promotional video for the launch of their new Cryptocurrency. The raw footage required motion graphics added that included a 3D spinning coin animated text to enhance the dialogue.

Merlo LAMMA promotional video

MERLO UK required a promotional video to promote they would be showcasing their telehandlers at the annual LAMMA trade show. This animated video was created to be used on social media outlets.

Talbot Heath School

talbot Heath School required an animated timer to match their existing set of digital style videos to promote their outdoor swimming facilities.

Global Teacher Prize

The Global Teacher prize awards 1m dollars to a nominated teacher annually. To encourage people to enter their favourite teacher for the award we were commissioned to create animated bears for their worldwide social media campaign, eaxh bear representing a different teacher.

Greenslade Pleasure Boats

Engage your customers with a bespoke animated logo, Customers respond well to moving graphics, we produced this video along with an animated logo for Greenslade Pleasure Boats.

EdTech Tomorrow initiative

The Varkey Foundation EdTech Tomorrow Initiative required their logo to be animated for use in their social media campaigns sent out across the globe.

Global Teacher Prize 2019

The Global Teacher Prize is an annual prize awarded to one teacher selected from thousands of entrants. These videos were created to promote the top 50 teachers and their country of origin.